Can I Just Have One G&T Please

Hello again! Firstly, I hope you are feeling fabulous and if you visit my blog site regularly (thank you so much if you do) you may notice that I have changed the layout around! I still have not finished the site as I am still working out what I can change and move around but, I hope to have it perfect soon, so thank you for baring with! Right yes, I know it has been a while but with good reason, as told in my last post I have just been fortunate enough to go on another holiday to Tenerife. It was lovely to get some time just to have one of those relaxed let’s just relax holiday’s! I’ve decided not to do a post on that travel experience as in all honesty we didn’t do a whole load, we just ate, chilled by the pool and enjoyed ourselves. We did however go to a monkey park which I would certainly recommend as all animals there are endangered and being cared for, so it was very heart-warming yet sad to think what was happening to these beautiful creatures. Anyway, I digress onto today’s blog which as you can tell by the title is about drinking & I am not talking about soft drinks here, I mean alcohol.

So, if you read back to my blog at new year’s I talk about some stuff that I had been struggling with mentally & some things that I had been experiencing, particularly anxiety. When this all came out I decided to make some real changes in my life to improve things for me and the people around me. Now before I carry on this is just my own experience and in no way am I advising people that they should or shouldn’t drink or that I don’t drink at all or that drinking alcohol every now and then is the worst because it’s not, but this is just my experience and advice if anyone wishes to take it. Now it sounds ridiculous that a 20-year-old woman is revaluating her relationship with alcohol, but when I thought about it I realised I relied on it so much when I went out. I couldn’t go on a night out without getting absolutely slaughtered (drunk) and if I was meeting new people or people I may feel a bit intimidated by I remember just thinking right I need to drink to cope with this situation, to stop myself from being so quiet. This is when I thought If I really want to lessen my anxiety and be able to cope in intense situations I’ve got to stop relying on this one thing which just changes my personality and doesn’t let me cope with what’s in front of me. I also thought of the health benefits as well in regard to not drinking as much, however let me just say just because you don’t drink doesn’t mean you can suddenly still eat chocolate & pasta etc. without putting on weight, it doesn’t counter balance it, I learnt that the hard way! LOL

So, from January I made the decision that I was going to extremely cut down on my drinking. When I started going out again and not drinking it was so strange and it sounds cringy, but it did make me feel more powerful, like my personality is good enough that I don’t need that booze to enhance or change anything about the way I am, especially when I was still going out yet having a really enjoyable time! After a few months I would just stick to having my first drink being alcoholic, usually a G&T and then just drink water for the rest of the night and you know what, you can still have a great time without getting drunk people! Sometimes I found I preferred not drinking because I didn’t have to deal with being sick or waking up with a horrendous hangover! The other thing I was learning was that sometimes with different people I felt comfortable enough to drink more because they were good influences and they weren’t people that you had to worry about, you could just enjoy the moment and so that was strange because with others I felt like I had more boundaries and I would be nervous to put myself in a vulnerable position as well as them being in one. It’s been 8 months almost and It’s only been 3 times where I have gone and had a crazy night out & gotten plastered, which is why I also don’t want to restrict myself to the point of ‘Oh I will never drink again’ because I never really had a drinking problem I just didn’t like how I was using it to cope with different situations but, don’t get me wrong I still love to share a bottle of wine with a girlfriend or go for cocktails in the day but, as I said before it is very impowering to just try these situations and not include alcohol into the equation. That’s what I would say to people is just try it because you never know you might enjoy waking up the next morning and not feeling like a pile of crap! Also, not to forget but not drinking or drinking a lot less has saved me a tonne of money, like it’s been a great savings opportunity I tell you that!

I know you may read the above and judge me as some boring 21-year-old but please don’t, as I say this is just something that worked for me and a point in my life that I wanted to improve on. Drink or no drink I still go out let my hair down, dance like nobody’s watching, have a laugh and just enjoy myself, because that’s what life’s all about right? Thanks for taking a read of this today and I should be back with regular content from now on so please do keep an eye out. Remember you are an amazing human who can do anything you want to with your life to be a success!

See you soon


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