2018 Summer Evening Look Book

Hello! Thanks for joining me once again, I hope that you are keeping well! So, I thought for today’s post I would do a sort of Summer Evening Look Book if you will from what I have been wearing this summer. Summer has certainly always been my favourite season in terms of outfits and what I like to wear as it is just full of colours and you’re not freezing in everything you do wear or needing to cover it up with a big coat! I actually did myself justice this year and waited all the way until June before I did an online shopping order so there are going to be majority a lot of Boohoo outfits in this post, but there are other brands too. Although when you look on their social media it might seem Boohoo come across as unreliable or not up to scratch in the comment section but, I have been ordering from them for around 6 years and I honestly have never once had a problem with my delivery being late, refund or their customer service, but at the same time it’s not fair to the people who have had bad experiences. I do love boohoo but, my number one tip to everyone which ever online clothes store you use, if you can afford to or you need something urgently make sure you order in bulk! Even if that means you are ordering over £100 just do it because you’ll most likely only end up keeping half of what you buy just because things don’t always fit or look how they do when they’re seen online, and this will just save you a lot of time! Anyway, we go on, I think I will separate this into two blogs and keep this as evening wear and then do a separate blog on day wear/swimsuits & bikinis, here we go;

So, first is this orange leopard print dress that I ordered from Boohoo I absolutely loved the look of this on the website I just loved how it was seen through and so different. It’s just the right length so it doesn’t drag on the floor & it is very airy as you can probably tell! I personally didn’t feel the need to wear a bra with it as the pattern pretty much covers any nipples on show! It is such a statement dress already that I always just wore it with flats, but if you wanted to be really out there you could wear heels. I personally never did this as I thought it was too nice but you could also wear it as a beach cover up as well.


Another great evening dress that I really enjoyed wearing was this grey rather floaty dress from New Look. This isn’t a recent buy, but they may have the same or something similar on their website. I love this dress as it is just perfect for summer evenings, it’s thin enough so you’re not getting all hot & bothered but it’s also cosy enough so you don’t get too chilly. It’s also perfect if you had a food baby because the skirt part folds over which is just ideal for hiding that stomach when full! I don’t have the biggest of boobs and so the top half of the dress does need holding up, so I do wear a push up bra with this and then pair it with a nice pair of sandals.

This next outfit is a newbie from Boohoo and is a snake print playsuit, it zips up around the shorts area which is perfect if you have a big booty but a small waist and then you just tie the top half up in the middle of your chest and it also has adjustable straps that you can taper to suit your shape. I just really liked this playsuit as I thought it was cute for the summer and (fake) snake print seems to be popular still!

This lovely flowing maxi striped dress also from Boohoo is perfect for the daytime & evening! It’s got a revealing but not too revealing slit up the side of the dress and is nice and open at the top, so you don’t get too hot! Sometimes it can get chilly, so I usually pair it with a denim jacket that I have from New Look.

Slightly off topic from dresses is this pyjama set from New Look. It is just perfect for the summer as it is so thin and airy but, also just so cute and sexy and I especially love the pale blue colour. Perfect for those hot nights with no aircon!

Skirts; These two even though they are different are my favourite skirts to wear in the summer. Both from Boohoo the pale green skirt is perfect for day & evening & is great to use as a cover up if you are at the beach or I like to match it with a crop top to make a long elegant dress. That’s also what I like doing with the pink skirt which I think just screams spring/summer with its colour and is such a nice fit & it makes the booty look good to!

My white ripped jeans! Now I actually bought these white ripped jeans from Topshop a year ago, but they were slightly too big & weren’t exactly a great fit. A year later I thought I would try them on and they pretty much fit perfectly. They’re ideal as they are high-waisted and perfect for when you have a tan. Although they are more on the pricy side I would highly recommend as the quality of the jeans is certainly worth it as they are so damn comfy!

So, I hope that this has maybe inspired you if you have an upcoming holiday or some event and you’re not sure what to wear, or you may completely disagree with my style which is totally fine as well! We all have different tastes but either way I hope you have enjoyed this Summer Evening Wear Look Book & as previously said I will do one on day wear/swimsuits & bikinis very soon. Thanks again for reading and I hope you have a fantastic week!

See you soon.


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