Croatia, Dubrovnik – You Beauty: Travel Review

Hello again! Are you ok? I hope you have had a good few weeks since I last wrote on here and if you are in the UK I hope you are enjoying this wonderful heatwave that we have been having, although I do hope we have a bit of rain soon, feel like I am getting withdrawal symptoms! So, I suppose picking up from the blog I posted a few weeks ago I should probably explain what I was talking about in regard to having more time to focus on my blog and my writing. Well as it’s you I will explain and hopefully cause no judgement from your end, but I decided to leave my job – there are many complicated reasons as to why I did this as it was not my initial plan when I started working there around a year ago, as the dream was to really enjoy what I was doing and work my way up through the company, however certain things happened in which I felt I had done my time there, gained a lot of experience, faced a lot of challenges including personal and I just wanted to move on. It’s a scary prospect leaving a job, but I know what I wanted & had known many people who had left & felt no regrets even if they had nothing to go too. I saved up a lot of money and am looking to just take up something part time as there are some personal commitments including writing that I really want to peruse and put more time into. Although not everything Is perfect considering I am sat out on my balcony listening to George Ezra & being out in the sunshine, I am yet to say I have regretted my decision. Also shout out to my partner for being very supportive and comforting when I have doubted myself!

Anyways, sorry about that just felt I should give a little more than what I did on my last blog! On to todays in which I am very excited to be writing about as I have just got back from Dubrovnik in Croatia! I am so excited to do a little travel review on this as it was such an amazing holiday even though we were only there for a brief time, along with Iceland it is one of my favourite holidays I have been on. It certainly wasn’t what I expected at all, I had seen some videos going around on Facebook and it looked like such a lovely country to visit. I then just typed in on google ‘the best place to stay in Croatia’ – this is when Dubrovnik came up on the list and after doing some research it looked like a beautiful place to visit. I am huge fan of Airbnb and managed to find a lovely apartment in the Lapad area of Dubrovnik, this isn’t in the old town which is where the ‘popular’ part of Dubrovnik is to visit, however the Lapad turned out to be perfect for us & fortunately the old town was only a 10-minute bus ride away. In the Lapad area is the Lapad Beach there are lots of Beds & Loungers which you can rent for 11 euros each for the entire day & then you also get bar service with that where you can order drinks & snacks at the prices of those – it is definitely worth it for the view and just to be able to chill the f*** out! Staying in Lapad made me find a new-found love for pebble beaches (make sure you buy sea shoes, we got ours on amazon & they were very handy), it’s just a lot more enjoyable not having to constantly find sand in everything, including your bikini bottoms!!! We also rented a Jet Ski for 30 mins just the two of us in which I thoroughly enjoyed, so much so I turfed me & my partner right over in the middle of the sea! It was a lot of fun & something I would recommend doing if you have not done it before. The wonderful thing about staying in the Lapad is that they also have a strip of nice restaurants & bars, there is a great atmosphere walking through this area and we ate at three of the restaurants here, in which the food was beautiful! What I will say about Dubrovnik is that the pricing is similar to meals here in the UK, but it definitely varies in some places, but I would just expect to spend more than you thought if you really want to enjoy the food there!

The Old Town – Now if you have a look online at Dubrovnik you will see lots of pictures of the Old Town, this is the main attraction for tourism in the area, especially as from what people were telling me the area is featured numerous times in Game of Thrones series! However, like all tourist attractions, that only downside is that it is extremely busy, due to the heat we decided we didn’t want to spend a complete day there, so we split it into two, one day we went in the morning & one day we went late afternoon/early evening…it was still very busy, but very beautiful! So, our morning trip we travelled down, walked into the Old Town & loved what we saw, it is very surreal, if you just take away all the people you do feel like you are on a movie set as everything is just stunning & so quaint. We went & had a lovely Iced Coffee (oh by the way they make there iced coffee’s over there with ICE CREAAMMM!!!). Anyway, after our stop off brunch we just went an explored, there were many hidden staircases & walk ways in which we found & some of the views of just that crystal clear sea water was breath-taking! Now, too the evening which was really enjoyable to do as it was nice to see everyone dressed up in their finery, music was playing, the smell of food made your belly rumble & it was lovely to be in the same setting but it feel different. Now as you may have seen from my Instagram I celebrated my 21st birthday in Dubrovnik, & my partner took me to one of the few rooftop restaurants in Dubrovnik, the roof was so small in fact that there were only 10 tables, but this made for a beautiful, unique dining experience. I am not even going to bother & try to explain the taste of the food to you because for me it was out of this world, very similar to the restaurant we went to in Iceland in which the dishes were small but my god the taste – it’s called Above5 Rooftop Restaurant, easy to find, very pricy around £200 for 3 courses & 2 people in fact, but a one off delightful experience.

We only stayed for 5 nights & as I said we stayed in an Airbnb & bought our flights separately in which I think we saved a lot of money as most of the hotels that we looked at were quite expensive & it was nice because we had cooking facilities in the apartment as well as a lovely balcony & a great view, so on our first day we headed to the local supermarket & just picked up lots of bits to have for our breakfast. Dubrovnik really was a stunning place & we certainly didn’t manage to do everything we wanted, but that’s how we wanted it as we will most definitely be returning next year for round 2! I am off on my travels again next week to Tenerife! I’ve never been but I know it will be a bit more of a relaxed beach & drinks holiday, with the obvious choice of going to their water park, but I will be sure to tell you all about it. Although I won’t be writing for a few weeks whilst I am away again I will be constantly updating my Instagram so be sure to check that out if you have time. Hope you have the best few weeks & make the most of the summer or winter wherever you are. Grab every opportunity that comes your way because it might not happen again.

See you soon


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