I know I know, whoops!

Hello again! I know I know, it’s been a while and I have failed miserably in keeping in a regular routine of posting my blog – before I go on I hope that you are doing well and everything in your life is looking fab! Speaking of failings I feel like the whole past month as been a fail of completely falling out of my routine, I unfortunately got sick & had a viral infection at the beginning of April & then it just kept coming back with horrible symptoms so it has kind of thrown me off course, I haven’t been keeping up with my writing, I got behind at work, personal life was getting neglected – the gym & fitness well in all honestly I’ve only been about once a week, it just all hasn’t gone too well really. However, what I would say is that because I was ill I was eating a lot less which kind of made up for not going to the gym, but fortunately this week I have finally started going again in the mornings – I tried the whole going after work, but it just didn’t fit in right.

I think given all the above todays blog is about honesty and time, trying to fit everything in life that you want in to what feels like a very small amount of time. Part of me has thought about giving up blogging all together, not because I don’t enjoy it, but I feel like I am letting people down by not being regular, but then at the same time, I don’t always have things to write about and I don’t want to bore anyone as I feel that would let you down, but I do love to write & I enjoy posting on this blog so thank you for baring with me. I am always open to ideas, so if you did have any suggestions or any tips that would be great advice I would very much like to hear! I know you probably feel like once a month there is this big update from me where it sounds like I am just making excuses it sounds cringy, but it is the kind of situation where you’re my friend and for whatever reasons I haven’t been able talk to you for ages and I just want you to know why.

After finally feeling recovered from being sick, I am very much looking forward to this summer – I cannot wait! I am turning 21 at the end of June & I am determined to get that typical Instagram post holding balloons with the numbers 2 & 1 so be sure to keep an eye out for that as I am sure you just can’t wait! Hehee, (sarcasm). I am also going away to Croatia which I am very excited for as it is not the type of holiday I have been on before & it is the first one that I properly booked all by myself, we are staying in a lovely apartment AirBnB right by the coast line and I am just looking forward to being able to chill out and explore! I feel like I must have that disorder where you are affected by the weather because I honestly do feel so much happier when the suns out! It’s just so lovely to get in from work sometimes and go to the pub with friends and catch up and I also love to get a tan, so I am excited that the summer here in the UK is finally upon us! Unfortunately, as I said previously the gym has definitely been neglected the last month and I have put some weight back on, I don’t know if you’re the same and it’s quite bad in a way but I do stand in the mirror some days and just think my god you are so fat…even though I’m not. I am not saying there is anything wrong in being a larger lady but just for my own body confidence I just prefer the way I look when I am slimmer. I’m hoping though If I just really give it my all these next 6 weeks I’ll get to a reasonably happy place. Something I am proud of this year is that so far, I have not done any online clothes shopping! Which for me is unheard of, but I just thought I am really going to try and make the effort to wait till Summer before I do order anything new, and I am most certainly saving myself for swimsuits and bikinis, I literally love this trend that we have going back to the 90s swimwear with the high-rise swimsuits & bikinis it looks so flattering!

Right I do not have much planned this weekend and I do have so many topics of what I would actually like to spend the time writing about so do not go anywhere! I hope fingers crossed that you will be seeing another post from me next Wednesday which I thoroughly hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening and remember you’re amazing and can do anything you put your mind too!

See you soon x

3 thoughts on “I know I know, whoops!

  1. The blog struggle is real! I’ll do four weeks in a row and then end up ‘accidentally’ missing a month. I find just sitting down and starting to write, even if I have nothing to say, is the trick, and usually the ideas start pouring out. Thanks for the post!

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