Why London? Part 1

Hey there! How are you? Good, well even if you’re not feeling your best today tomorrow is a new day and everything will be ok! I can’t believe it’s now summer in the UK this year is just flying by literally as if there is no tomorrow! Speaking of Summer I have quite a few holidays coming up which I’m really looking forward to writing about and giving you some tips and bits to help when you are travelling; which is where I’ll start with today’s blog which is all about London and a sort of London travel review I suppose! I have made various different trips to London, so this is going to be a blog of two parts, so I hope you don’t mind! London is just one of those places no matter how many times you visit you always find somewhere new and exciting, which is why I love to stay there and thought it might be useful to share my experiences with you.

Fortunately I live just a train ride away from London so have visited many times when I was younger the first time I actually stayed in London was in 2014 with my partner frustratingly I was only 17 at the time so drinking sort of wasn’t an option. As it was a special occasion my partner went all out on a very expensive hotel in Kensington which I suppose to most people is the posher part of London. The hotel was called Millennium Gloucester Hotel London and we stayed two nights with Bed & Breakfast (the breakfast was lush!) and it had a great high-class interior design, there was a nice bar and even a tea and coffee room for certain guests, however for how much the hotel was, the room wasn’t as impressive unfortunately, but this did not prevent us from having a lovely time. Sadly, due to me being 17 it was a bit tricky to drink and it was hard to find places where I could (Luckily the Hotel Bar didn’t notice though, hehee), but this just meant we had to make the most of the days there which we did!

My partner bought us these day passes, which I would certainly recommend if it is your first time visiting, this meant we could do all three of some of the main attractions in London, London eye, Sea World & London dungeons, and I would recommend all! From what I can remember the tickets weren’t a ridiculous amount considering you were getting an entire day out. All the experiences were great and the London Dungeons especially as it is a good laugh & you do learn a lot about London history which is interesting too! Don’t worry about it being too crowded either as though it might be on the outside, the sites only let in a certain amount of people at a time. The London eye was great, but personally I liked going up in the evening as everything just looked a bit more magical with all the lights & seeing Big Ben all lit up made for some pretty good photos – but do not go on if you have a severe fear of heights! One of my favourite things about London is the tube system which I would recommend if you don’t mind confined spaces – it’s just so quick and cheap to get from A to B, you don’t even have to pay for a ticket, can just use contactless.

Another visit to London was when I was 19 (woohoo I could drink) and my partner & I went up there for the evening for a bit of grub and some drinks. We got all dressed up in our finery and headed up there on the train & then on the Tube to Borough Market. We first went for some drinks at the Shard in the Oblix Bar/Restaurant – the views were amazing and it just felt so unreal being that high and looking over all of London. The bar itself was very nicely decorated, good music and just a general feel good vibe, they had a wide array of cocktails which I wouldn’t say were highly expensive considering it was the Shard! I had one of them which was a cosmopolitan served with a small disco ice cube thing – it was fab and tasted it too! After this we headed over to this restaurant only a 5-10 minute walk from the Shard called Roast. Roast is situated perfectly in Borough Market and is very nice as it doesn’t have a ground floor just a 1st floor so you get to look out the windows and have a little nose at everyone below! Obviously, it is called Roast so they are known for there roasted meat on the menu; when we first arrived I wasn’t too sure as it just felt so posh and I was worried if it will be one of those places where the portion amounts are tiny but you’re paying a big amount of money? Well thank god it wasn’t! The portion sizes were perfect and I have to (sorry any veggies out there) highly recommend the pork belly main, bloody hec it tasted unbelievably good and the crackling is just perfection! I would certainly say don’t miss out on visiting this restaurant.

So, as I say this is just Part 1 to my London review but here are some tips regarding this blog; TIP 1 If you are wanting to stay in London to have a couple of beverages don’t go when you’re under 18. TIP 2 Always book places where you can, otherwise you might find yourself wondering around aimlessly. TIP 3 if you are a bit anal like me, be sure to check the restaurant menu’s to see if it is what you like so there are no surprises!

Don’t worry though I will include some more on the Part 2 of this series but please do enjoy some of the pictures below that I took from the first trip (annoyingly don’t have many from the second, but there will be more in the next blog!) If you want to check out any of my other travel reviews please do as there our a few on my page;

See you soon.



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