Can you be too confident?

Alright you! Oh, I really hope by the time this is posted it is finally getting warmer here in the UK! We’re in spring now and it is just rain, wet, & cold, I want to get out the old & new bodysuits, the dresses, the skirts and the good new shorts, but finally this week in the UK we are expecting a heatwave so here’s hoping! Anyway, onto todays topic in which I thought I would write a blog about confidence. This is something I have been thinking about writing for a while, but I guess I was sort of scared for any kind of reaction or getting criticised myself for being ‘too confident’. It was more that, the other week, when I was speaking to my partner about my Instagram and asking him if he ever had a problem with what I posted, he explained that he has never had a major issue, maybe little sparks of shock here and there but nothing he has had a big problem to pull me up on. I then asked about anyone else and he was honest and said that some of his friends had expressed how they would never ‘let their girl get away with that’ or that they wouldn’t be happy about some of the pictures I have posted.
Now, let me just quickly say; I am a woman first and foremost, who can make her own decisions on what I think is right and appropriate for me. I post and say the things I do because I am confident in the way I look most of the time. Don’t get me wrong; like a lot of people, I still have insecurities. I still maybe angle myself so that my muffin top isn’t completely on show, or use a filter here and there, but that’s also why I have my blog to show that I do have all these thoughts as well and that I am not just a picture to be judged & liked or disliked. This got me asking the question can you be ‘too confident’ and in all honesty no I don’t think you can, I think confidence is a thing to be celebrated, to be admired that you are confident in enough in yourself to put yourself out there like that, it’s not just about looks, you can be confident in what you say, write, sing whatever but, having confidence should be seen as a good thing. I do believe however; as I know I have done it myself, that when you judge other people, it says more about you or me than it does about what that person is actually saying or posting. When I notice myself reacting to someone like this I have to shake myself and remind myself that its coming from my own insecurities and actually why shouldn’t that person be confident in their beliefs or themselves; its and inspiring thing and makes me want to boost my own confidence. Don’t get me wrong I think some things we see can be deceiving for example things like photoshop and editing etc. that’s where confidence is taken away because you are presenting something that isn’t real and putting an ideal that actually can’t be reached into someone else’s head which is not a good representation of honesty or confidence and unfortunately is an everyday battle especially with social media and the media in general. However, real confidence is great!
I know that some people may look at my profile and think slag, or why would you bare so much on the internet, totally inappropriate etc. but to be honest I don’t actually care because I want to be there for the people that might see it and think that is great, good on her that she can do that (I know I know, a small minority) & I enjoy it, I enjoy posing, feeling sexy, baring all, it sounds cheesy but it it’s just another form of me expressing myself as well as writing and do you know what, it feels good to feel sexy! I put up a photo last year of me in just a black bodysuit sat on my garden bench & some high heeled boots, I have a scar on each hip from where I had them both replaced at 16 and they were visible in this photo and I received a comment from a lady who had also gone through the same thing and commended me on the picture and that it made her want to capture something like that as well. Now that comment out shines all the negative I might receive otherwise. I think, especially as women, we must build each other up, and look at each other in a more positive light! I completely understand that everyone has their level of what they deem appropriate, but just the fact that all kinds of people are finding the courage to be more confident and express themselves how they see fit is certainly something to be celebrated.
Not a very long one today but just something I feel passionate about and wanted to share some of my recent thoughts about being confident. Always just do you and as long as it is not hurting anybody else and you are happy then celebrate yourself! In the words of RuPaul ‘If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else’. You’re beautiful inside & out remember that!
See you soon

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