Life update – Fitness, Career, Anxiety & Goals

Hello again! How are you, good I hope? I hope that you have had a wonderful Easter Bank Holiday and it was filled with lots of fun activities or you just completely netflixed & chilled – partner or no partner! Mine was filled with a lovely trip to London, a night out for a friends 21st, a spicy homemade curry with my partner & dad, Easter Sunday with my partners family & then a very sick week from the Monday after getting some sort of viral infection! All good now though! So, after my ‘Excuses’ blog I thought I would do a little life update, now, I am not assuming or pretending like you would even be interested in my life or what I have to update you on, but I have been told that sometimes talking about personal things previously has helped others deal with some of their own stuff and that is certainly something I want to keep up with on my blog for sure! If you also read my New Year blog, it is important to me that I write down these little updates so at the end of the year I can kind of remind myself of where I was at each time in the year, kind of like a diary but I just share it with the world! No padlocks here!

Therefore, let’s kick it off with the fitness, I will try and keep this section short as I don’t want to ram the constant health vibe down your throat, but I think it is important for me to be honest and admit that probably for the last month I have really slipped with the fitness regime. Don’t get me wrong I have absolutely loved going to the gym, yes sometimes it is hard, but I personally do get that feeling of achievement even if I have just done a 30 minute cardio. In all fairness my actual fitness has only really slipped from going to the gym 4-5 times a week to 2- 3 times a week. So, the gym has been ok, but it is more my eating that’s gone a bit rubbish again, less of the healthier foods more of the takeaways and dinners out once more…or maybe 3? I am someone who once I get fixated on something I have to have it, so if I get a craving for a domino’s pizza I can’t just be like ‘no I am being healthy, eat something else to fill that gap’, it’s more like ‘Once I have it the craving will go & then I wont eat one for another 2 months’, but then there’s just no break in the cycle if I just continue to do this, but it’s just that trying hard enough to rewire the brain & say no! However, I do think it is important to give credit where it is due & I have done really well at not drinking as much alcohol, since January I’ve maybe been out drinking three times each month & every single time apart from one night I either had 0, 1 or 2 single gin and tonics at the very most. I’ve not touched a drop of wine (well apart from what goes into some dinners) or cocktails since last year and it feels really good, I still have fun on my nights out, I can still stay up till the early morning, but I just don’t have to get absolutely slaughtered & I have more energy!

Career wise has been going well, the work I do is very up and down, and you really do have the best days ever or the worst days where you just want to crawl into bed & cry, but unfortunately it comes with this type of work and you just have to take the good with the bad, kind of how you do with life! However, there have been some exciting things have been happening and talks within the company and I am having a more positive outlook on what the future holds and just giving myself no really tight time limits on where I want to be as this is something that was really stressing me out and now I am just looking forward to seeing what opportunities come my way (hopefully a lot). My Anxiety, so I do feel like my anxiety has got better since new year, I still do get overly worried and anxious with the constant thinking something bad will happen if I do whatever it is I am doing and over analysing literally every single situation that comes up but, it is slowly improving. As I said in my new year’s blog I don’t think you quite get anxiety until you have it (I still even struggle to spell it!), but it is something I am really working on. I have got some Cognitive Behavioural Sessions coming up in April which I am really looking forward to because I really don’t want to be my own barrier, I want to be able to see if there are any coping mechanisms that I can use to help improve my anxiety. If I do find out anything useful, I will certainly be sure to share what I found out.

Goals, with the fitness I do still have a very big goal of being at my perfect body size, it’s funny how much work & how long it can take to lose weight or build your body but how quickly it is to lose that by missing a training session or 2 and eating more fatty foods just in an odd week. However, I really do want to start putting in the extra effort to get to where I want to be and that goes with everything, career wise, mentally, I want to keep building and improving myself to be the best I can and to not doubt myself, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with being confident in you (another blog post I plan to post soon!) and I know you can do it and push yourself as well. Never doubt yourself or let the doubters phase you, because you are awesome my friend.

See you soon,


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