Making Excuses – Is it ok?

Hello again, I am currently sat in my car at 6:12pm precisely & just got back from work. I’ll most likely finish this blog later on in the evening, but I thought with what I’m going to talk about this couldn’t be a better intro! I’ve just had one of those days & I feel knackered. Guess what my plan for the evening was…gym…is that going to happen…no! If I had the money would I be ordering take out right now…yes…am I blaming this all on that I’ve had a hard day, come on my period & just generally making excuses…yes! I could go on for a whole paragraph, but today’s blog is to do with downsides to my weight-loss journey so far.

So, if you’ve been reading some of my recent blogs you’ll know that I wanted to try & make a real effort to lose weight, get healthier & increase my fitness in general. This was after a downward spiral at the end of last year & I just wanted to make a go at it & make some well needed changes in my life. What I have learnt so far is that I am very much someone who needs & must stick to a routine, as soon as I stop, or something gets in the way I really struggle to get back into what I was doing before…are you the same? Or is it just me? So, I felt like for the first 6 weeks It was going really well and that I could notice significant changes in my body & mind, one of my tips annoying as it is, is do try & give up drinking alcohol or really limit what you drink. This was important to me as I had been suffering with anxiety & on a night out I relied so much on the alcohol to make me feel more confident, thinking I needed it to have an enjoyable time. So, when I wanted to lose weight I decided to stop drinking just to give myself a challenge and as there are also a lot of health benefits to limiting alcohol intake. I stopped for 6 weeks & then on a night out I would just have 1 gin & tonic so I was still sober, but I still actually had an awesome time! Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying I’ll never get drunk again but for now I’m enjoying it & it saves me so much money!

Anyway, I digress, I never weighed myself, so I don’t know if I’ve lost or put on, but my size 10 clothes were starting to feel looser & my size 8 clothes I could properly fit into without needing to squeeze as much! I managed to get to 6 weeks of my training when, if you read last weeks blog you’ll see I went away to Iceland. As amazing as it was to go this really interfered with my routine because I was having to prep so much in the week leading up to the holiday that I didn’t have as much time to work out, then after the holiday had finished & on our return, it was halfway through the week so I just made the old excuse of ‘I’ll start again next week’. The trouble was that because I had been doing my workouts in the early mornings at 6am, I found it hard to get back into that routine of waking up at that time! Although, I have not completely let the side down, I would say for the last 3 weeks I have probably gone from 4-5 workouts a week from 2-3, I have also been a bit naughty with what I have been eating.

Ok, I am sorry but does anyone else just crave shit, carby, sweet food before you come on? I do & it’s so hard not to resist. For example I am writing the second half of this blog the following day after the above, but when I did get home yesterday I had a lovely meal planned – Sausages, Sweet Potatoes, Red Onion & Brocolli, however I finally got in after spending 20 minutes just sat in my car sad, curled up on the sofa & put on some oven food (pizza & chips) not good! Also seeing as I am just throwing it out there I am sitting here writing this eating a galaxy bar & do you know what it tastes great! I think when I started my fitness journey I had the real intention of making this my life but the reality, for me anyway is that life just gets in the way & it is just about having the right balance. Don’t get me wrong I still want to lose some more weight & I know end of this week when I come off my period I am really going to have to put some extra hours in at the gym – I will! I didn’t even slip out of my routine because I wasn’t enjoying being healthy, I was! However, it is harder than I thought just to completely change my lifestyle – but it is still possible!

I just wanted to be honest with you – I didn’t want to carry it off as if I was this new health fanatic & was never ever going to slip up or miss leg day! I will put some before and after photos below – the afters were taken at the 8-week mark & I am now just finishing week 10. These next two weeks I really am determined to push myself because I have started feeling more confident and I want that to continue! If you’re wanting to change your lifestyle go for it! There are so many benefits, but just don’t always beat yourself up because you do hit that wall, or I did anyway and it’s just about trying to break through & succeed! I know this hasn’t been a very informative post, but I just wanted you to know that if you were feeling a similar way that it’s ok, you’re ok & we are all only human.

Let’s make a packed that minimum this week, till Sunday, we will go to the gym at least twice!

See you soon x

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