You did it!!


You did it! You made it! Firstly Happy New Years for wherever you are reading this, I guess I couldn’t sign out on the year without one last blog. 

I just wanted to tell you a few words in case nobody else had but, I am so incredibly proud of you. Maybe we’re best friends or complete internet strangers but I wanted to tell you how amazing you are for getting through 2020. 

This year has turned out to be something nobody really predicted and has had continuous challenges a long the way and still continues too. However, I wanted to end it on a positive reminder for you and I want you to take all the tiny little things you have achieved this year, because even though they might not be anything substantial to you, making it through the year despite everything is an achievement in itself. For me it was scrubbing my shower down for the first time in yonks in the first lockdown and managing to keep it clean the last 9 months. 

I know it’s hard to keep holding onto hope and wondering where we will all be next year but I swear it will get better. I’m manifesting a better year for you because I know you can make it an even better year for yourself. You’ve done the hardest part and I know you can keep going, I have total faith in you. In 5 years we will look back with gratefulness on how this shaped our lives and our determination to keep going and keep going strong for ourselves and our loved ones. Don’t get me wrong we will also look back at a little fuck you to 2020 you dick!!!! 

Try not to let yourself focus on what you weren’t able to do this year but how you can put that into your future years because one day I know you will. I can’t predict what 2021 is going to be but, we just have to make the best out of every situation we have so that one day we can look back and be happy with what we got. Don’t focus too much on yesterday or tomorrow just keep taking it one day at a time and I know you will get there. You’ve got this my friend. 

Happy New Year to you and I admire all of your strength 🧡 

See you soon x

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