Food, Career, Sex & Love

Hello! It’s me, I’m here in 2020 writing! I firstly want to say that I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Years and got everything you wanted! I’ve had so much that I have wanted to talk about and write these last few months that it’s been too much! I have already got about 5 unfinished blogs I need to organise and post but, had been struggling with this and because I thought I just wanted to come on here and do a like general update first as it seemed weird to post something about a specific subject without even saying hi properly. So, I certainly do have some updates to the above subjects Food, Work, Sex & Love but just want to talk about 2019 for a second or a few; 2019 was amazing to say the least, I learnt so much more about myself than I knew before, I laughed a lot and also cried an awful amount, sometimes because I was laughing too much and It’s been the year that’s helped me build friendships and in turn loose some which I’m always reflective on but, sometimes you just need to keep moving forward and trust that people who are meant to be in your life will be in the way that you are for others. I’ve also had some of the craziest nights out with my girls which I have some stories I need to write about and post, believe me they are worth hearing! 2019 I really do look back fondly on it and in a way, I am glad that I didn’t get to meet someone special because I know I’ve had the best year without needing somebody else to improve it. I don’t want to sound like an absolute cringe, but I didn’t need to fly a thousand miles to some tourist hotspot to find myself and realise who I am, I just needed to be on my own.

Right let’s get to it then, and yes, I have titled this post in the order of the priorities currently in my life. So, the food one is more of a fitness update, in which I have kind of been half making the effort for. It’s a bit bizarre but I started of 2019 really into my fitness and I’d lost a lot of weight so felt good and confident, then as we entered the summer the day drinking sessions started so I put weight back on again with exercise taking a back seat however, when I flew over to Ayia Napa for my weeks summer holiday (the best holiday yet may I just add) even though we were eating unhealthy food and drinking an unhealthy amount of alcohol (as you do) I still actually lost weight due to the two mile walk we would do every day to get to the strip! Unfortunately it did all really dip at the end of the year, I got quite sick and just couldn’t exercise so I am a little behind where I started so am making it a priority with exercise and eating more healthily to get summer body ready. I am also however trying to work on my confidence and not stand Infront of the mirror every morning putting myself down about certain parts of my body I don’t like because I still want to enjoy life and food and I think I am ok to sacrifice a few visible abs for that.

Career wise has been a very good year for 2019 and as I have previously mentioned I am glad I found a place of work where I feel happy yet still really want to push in my career. I’m just going to keep working hard and showing that I want to progress within the organisation as well as enjoying life on the outside and not getting the two so intertwined as I did before. It’s amazing mentally what being in a healthy work environment can do for you and how it really does improve your attitude to working.

Sex: Non-existent – not the spicy answer you were probably hoping for (listen I’m not happy about it either!). Unfortunately there is no constant sex stream going on in my life which I kind of feel either or about really, yes I miss it (it was a full moon recently which apparently effects all those feelings (not sure if that’s total bollocks or not) but oh my god did I miss it then) however it is the 21st century and thankfully there are all sorts of different companies that for a woman can make our sex lives pretty decent without the need for an actual person! However I certainly do miss that feeling of when you first meet someone and that’s all you want to do – so hopefully 2020 is the year to change that, we shall see!

Love: Love isn’t really last on my list it’s probably something that I want the most but, it’s last in that it’s something I just want to happen naturally and if that takes longer than expected so be it. I’ve learnt a lot since being in the world of dating and interesting to see how my attitude has changed towards it; a year ago dating for me was just all about potential action and a night out but now I feel like I am over that phase. It’s got quite frustrating really as I’ve transitioned into wanting a more serious thing but then the people that I have liked just turn everything sexual, all the time, even if you hint that you are looking for more than that, it doesn’t matter because that’s all they want from you and yeah at first it’s fun and I enjoyed it but, after a while it just leaves you feeling a bit shit because it feels as if no ones interested in your personality or what you’ve got to say all they want is that and then two months later they’re in a relationship. However the even more frustrating thing is sometimes you can meet such a lovely person who you know would treat you well and with respect but then you’ve just not got that sexual connection, which despite what I’ve just said is very important to me and you just turn yourself into one massive shitty contradiction. So, yeah, I would like 2020 to be the year I have that romance but with the luck I’ve had I’m trying to be the realist in that it isn’t happening anytime soon. We shall see.

We did it woooohooooooo! Well that’s all the update I have really apologies it wasn’t all that juicy. I am definitely going to be posting another blog in the next two weeks and one I have nearly ready is about sex when living with arthritis and hip replacements because I personally wanted to share my experience with it and it was one of the things I wanted to know most about when I got my hips done but, had nowhere to go for advice or find information so it’ll be more of an informative post instead of some kind of porno fairy-tale hah…although maybe I could write one of those, who knows!
Remember you are awesome and as long as you have set yourself some goals for 2020, I believe that you can do all you need to in order to achieve them.
See you soon.

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