A hearty welcome

Hello! Hi, hey, it’s been three months…. three months since I last uploaded. As I have found with previous blogs of mine and you may be not interested to hear but, I have an upload schedule problem. I love writing I really do however, recently in all honesty I have just found myself so busy. I know that’s not a valid excuse but, I have had a coffee which I don’t tend to do in the evening and I am full of a lot of energy and finally feel like sitting down and writing….I say writing but, I suppose I should really say typing! I’m ready to type! I also just performed a full on 80s rock concert in my room like the inner 16-year-old in me (that sounds wrong), I imagined there to be about ten thousand people watching (the concert), I thought fifty thousand was a bit far-fetched. Anyway, getting away from the reason you’re here, to read whatever has been going on in my life and my delay in writing to you.

Firstly welcome back to any of my frequent readers much love to you and a welcome to a lot of the men who since have discovered my Instagram and have now also read my blogs, it’s strange as before my audience was more female and now it’s more male, well it seems to be and I would like to think it’s for my writing and not necessarily the more revealing pictures on insta, but either way welcome and I do appreciate those who have direct messaged me about the blogs, especially the most recent one about being single and I know I am not the best at replying but, it does mean a lot for people taking the time to drop me a message about a post they liked so, thank you. It’s always nice to hear that people are finding my words helpful and relating them to their own lives, although I wouldn’t say I’m the best to take advice from, but if you were one of those who entered into Ann Summers on Valentines week then props to you and I hope you enjoyed yourself!

Now then, when I started this blog a few years ago now it was for a creative outlet, I was in a dead-end job, I went out but not a whole load and I just wanted to do something I was passionate about. I’d say I wrote most when I was experiencing my anxiety/on the verge of depressive stage and I can truly say these last 3 months I’ve never felt so happy and independent. I still love writing as even if no one read these, I find them like therapy to get everything off my chest and share what I am feeling. However, these last 3 months I feel like I have been a lot more focused in my fitness, work and friendships that to write has been on my mind but, not my forefront. As we all know if you have been around for the last almost year, I am very much single and I have had many highs during this time but, a few lows here and there too. Especially in the last three months I decided to just pull myself out of the dating game, it just gets to a point where no one seems to have conversation, no one wants to talk, they just want to shag. Yeah shagging can be great fun too, but you start to wind yourself up on why you’re not good enough for that person to stick around for a conversation afterwards. Therefore, I finally truly decided to start focussing on myself and as mentioned in previous blogs that’s where working out has helped me so much and I just mean even feeling physically fit not necessarily talking about how you look (although feeling confident in yourself does help) but, just the fact when I do my own weekly food shop I can carry the shopping bags to the car without even using the trolley I’ll have you believe!

Very messy weekends, another reason as to why writing has taken a slight back seat. I have been very much enjoying going out with my best girlfriends having lots of fun and drinking! Not in an alcoholic sort of way more of a binge drinking if that makes it sound any more lady like for you (it doesn’t) but just the weekend nights, girls’ trips away, pub gardens, I have very much been enjoying it all. Although, this has been a conflict between the fitness as getting in at 3am with a big meaty kebab in your hands (not like that) and a side of chips smothered in garlic and ketchup sauce doesn’t exactly give you the energy to go out running the next day, but I try my best to keep a balanced lifestyle hehee!

So, as I say it’s all been a bit manic and to top it all off, I absolutely love my sleep. It sounds incredibly sad but, sometimes I really do just look forward to getting into bed, getting all cosy and then falling asleep, sometimes that can even be the best part of a night out too! (My friends will not appreciate that one hah) My point being sometimes I do have the time but, I am just very tired from activities earlier that day. I have started planning again subjects I want to write about particularly about dating, tinder, sex (if I’m feeling really open, depends how many coffees I’d of had that day or if I write when drunk which would be a first!) and then some more personal posts too. I am hoping to have some new uploads to share and of course hear your thoughts on but, I just wanted to give a bit of a life update (as if anyone cared) but if you do thank you! Remember you’re brilliant fantastical and amazing, be positive and I assure you positive things will start to happen, be reliant on yourself but kind to the people around you. The world could do with a little more kindness.

See you soon


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