The Room Made of Ice, The Proposal and The Man Very High on Something – Amsterdam Part 2

Hello! Happy New Year!!! We made it, we actually made it to 2019, well done us. I hope you had a fantastic new year and celebrated it just as you wanted to either by getting wrecked and going on a big night out or just having a cosy night in! Well, I’ve made you wait long enough so I will just get straight into today’s blog and it’s the one you have all been waiting for (literally just my friends reading this), but I am all set to tell you about Amsterdam part 2 and as you can tell by the title it’s a bit of a strange one, so sit back and have your cup of tea at the ready whilst I tell you about the nights I’ll never forget.

So, where did I leave it last time…oh that was it I’d just had the ‘worst diarrhoea of my life’ after eating what were supposedly cannabis cookies, but as you do after these experiences you have a shower and go to bed which is exactly what I did and I felt right as rain the next day. After what was a well needed cooked breakfast, we got ready, hopped on the tram and went into the centre so that Emily could go to the massive Primark and do some shopping, I’m not a massive shopper but, went along with it and managed to buy myself one £8 shirt which for me was progress! After a day of shopping, exploring and lots of eating we then went back and got ready for our first night out out, where we had booked tickets at the Ice Bar, these are easy to book on their website and it also includes 3 complementary drinks. We ubered are way to the Ice Bar location and once we were in, they gave a fun creative Viking type talk about the experience and you’re given a coat and a pair of gloves and shuffled into the ice room. It was smaller than I expected, and you probably go in a group of about 20 at a time but, as to be expected it was absolutely freezing! Although, I was the only girl wearing a skirt but, as I explained to everyone there, I’m from England we don’t feel the cold! Anyway, we had a beer and a shot each in our ice glass and it was just a fun little activity to do and I would most likely return so would recommend it.

After this we went over to the red light district to go to some of the bars there, now it was a lot bigger than what I was expecting and yes you do have women dressed up and standing at the windows, but I was seriously impressed, they looked amazing and were really pretty and cute, me being a girl and also bisexual just stared but, also gave a smile and they just sweetly smiled back (probably thinking who is this crazy lady wearing a skirt in the freezing cold just staring at us) but, I’m sure sadly they’ve had a lot worse. Being what was obviously two English girls walking through the streets of the red-light district my friend and I also got lots of creepy stares and hellos as we were finding these bars so that was the only thing that was uncomfortable about it but, we just did our best to ignore this. We found a Newcastle themed pub and had a few drinks in there (it was bloody expensive, you have been warned) and after this we went back into the centre in search of more boozy places and found a cute Irish bar that we had gone into for a bite to eat the day before, but this time it was a lot more busier and a lot more vibing and that was pretty much the 2nd night just drinking to our hearts content and flirting with the Irish barmen!

Really wanting to avoid writing a part three to this Amsterdam series (well don’t be surprised at the end) but there wasn’t anywhere in particular/an activity that we did in the daytimes apart from just general exploring and eating lots of food, which is why I would like to go back as I do think there was a lot we didn’t get to see. We knew however this was more of a girl’s gone wild trip (although! I will just say I didn’t bloody pull anyone whilst I was over there, the most I made was eye contact – totally gutted!). Anyway, the title of this blog is actually split into two nights. The second half (the proposal & the very high man) which was actually our third nights stay in Amsterdam we’d just gone out for the evening drinking…again and made our way back to that Irish bar which we stayed at till around 2am, we then went back to the district expecting everything to be open but it was completely shut, we asked a man walking past and he explained that most things shut after midnight, therefore we made our way to the taxi rank to go home but, on our way there the amount of harassment we got from men was a little too much as it was just uncomfortable to the point I almost ended up punching a guy after putting his hand on my friend and asking how much we were both worth…although I did tell him he couldn’t afford us…it was true! Anyway once we made it back to the main point where the taxis were, a man came up to us asking us to film him proposing to his girlfriend, I straight away handed his camera to Emily as I was waaayy too drunk to be trusted filming such a special moment (I did capture it on my own phone luckily!). It was just so cute and romantic, I have no idea why he chose to do it in front of two drunk English girls, but it was such a nice thing to be a part of and Emily filmed it perfectly. After this we waited for our uber at the rank and as we did a very strange man came and sat next to us, he started talking to us but had clearly taken something or a few things and was just living his best life. I told him I was recording as it was just such a funny end to one of the strangest nights of my life (only in Amsterdam) and the footage of that and the proposal I have posted on my Instagram (the link should be round here somewhere).

Well I have done it again I have written too bloody much! I think I get such bad writers block sometimes because I have too much to say and struggle to cut it down…so I know you’re going to hate me, but the sex show part 3 blog will have to wait till next week, I’m sorry! I have however already written it up and it was our last night in Amsterdam but that show deserves details and I can also tell you about how I got volunteered to go on stage and eat a banana from a woman’s vagina…what an experience! Along with a little conclusion to my Amsterdam trip and the do’s and don’ts so you can have a great time when you venture to the land of sex and drugs, but also a lot of amazing culture and history!

See you soon


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