Merry Merry Christmas

Hello again! Right I know what you’re thinking I didn’t put up the Amsterdam part 2 last week, but it is coming, I got the flu and was unable to finish it, so the new year it’ll be, if you don’t mind waiting…again!

Anyway, I just wanted to write a quick blog to wish you readers a Happy Christmas and an amazing New Year. I hope that tomorrow will be just as you wish it to be and no matter how annoying it might get when the roast potatoes are burnt, or your Aunt Carols had a few too many bottles, or when your nan wants to pause the Christmas film to put on the queens speech, just remember there’s a lot of people who are less fortunate and will be spending Christmas not as they may wish. If you know anyone who could be in that position just be nice and let them know you’re there for them because they will appreciate it.

This years been a pretty crazy one, I started it off unhealthy, depressed, anxious and barely even socialising but, after deciding to pick myself up and get myself sorted (Time to talk are an amazing service & would certainly recommend it if you’ve felt like this) I found the strength to keep fighting and not let what was a difficult time get the best of me. I then went through some pretty tough heartbreak but I’ve come out a much better, stronger, self sufficient person because of it and I can finally look back on my year and say it all worked out for the best.

I’m so extremely lucky to have the support of my friends and family around me that I’ve had. This years shown me that even in the darkest of times you can find that strength inside you to pull yourself out of it. If you’ve ever felt lonely or sad I hope you’ve found some comfort in my blogs through this year and know that you always have a friend in me! As I leave every blog remember that you’re a brilliant, amazing and fantastic person and you can do anything you put your mind too. Make 2019 your year to do great things!

I hope you have a lovely Christmas & New Years.

See you soon


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