Summer Excitement and Changes

Hello again! How’s it all going, I hope you are having the best week & wherever you are that the weather is beautiful & just how you want it to be. Talking of summer how are we basically in the middle of it here in the UK already – sorry if my blogs seem to be starting off a lot like this I just cannot get over how quick we are going through the year, I’m shook!  Well today’s post isn’t going to be a particularly long one – more of an update but for some exciting changes that are happening.

So, as I have talked about before this blog is my passion, writing is my passion but due to work commitments I haven’t been able to really put in all my effort to what I enjoy doing and I just reached a point where to be honest I was pretty unhappy with what I was doing and feeling rather depressed and just down all the time. I then just had a moment of right I have got to make the most of where I am and what I want to do, it sounds cheesy but I don’t want to turn back in 10 years with a whole load of regret not chasing my ‘dreams’ as it were. Therefore I am excited and a little scared, nervous, anxious & everything else but I finally will from July be able to put more effort into my writing and content which I am very happy with – so watch this space!

Travelling – Ok so I am not properly going travelling however I do have various trips coming up which I am thrilled to be writing and talking about as well as getting some awesome pictures to share with you! I really enjoy travelling and visiting new places and being able to share my thoughts on them because I don’t know about you, but I find it useful if someone can give some tips or advice on best places to go!

Fashion – Yes, I have never wanted to just be your typical fashion blogger, however I’m sorry not sorry (heehe) but I love and enjoy clothes and fashion and feel lucky to have them! Therefore, I want to start also expanding my variety of what I talk about and that is fashion, so I also have various ideas which I am looking forward to getting to do and share with you.

Fitness – This is just a various update on my fitness as I really did make a firm change at the beginning of the year but due to the craziness of where I was working I slightly let myself slip in terms of just not going to the gym as much as I was but I still go a couple of times a week and try and be careful with what I eat, however ever since I wrote my blog on body confidence a few months ago I have really started to just appreciate what I have got and my body! I try to not to look in the mirror and point out everything I dislike but everything I do like and I hope you do the same too because we are all sexy and beautiful people no matter what! However, because I do really enjoy my fitness I am glad that I should be able to put a bit more time into it from now on.

Cooking – So if you follow me on Instagram or read my diet blog you will see that I love to cook – seriously I lovveeee to cook! I also really love to bake but haven’t just because of not having the time for it, but I am certainly going to get back on it in the summer and document it, I just wish there was some way you could smell and taste it – always good to get some feedback!

Finally, last but not least next Monday is my birthday, my 21st in fact and I am more than thrilled that I get to spend it in the beautiful country Croatia, specifically Dubrovnik where we are staying. That’s right folks most 21 years old would be spending their time at the Hideout Festival in Croatia but not me!… Also, the tickets are a small fortune! Either way I am so excited and just cannot wait to go away relax, gather myself, have fun and look forward to this summer which I really hope brings all the right opportunities which I am determined to go out and sought for myself! I just wanted to keep you updated as you know I love to do and as to why I may not be able to post next week as I will be away, but I really hope you start to notice the different in content I post soon and for the right reasons. Thanks for always being there whoever you are, and I am always here if you need to talk too – have an amazing week & look forward to the next post!

See you soon.


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