I’m not a dieter, but this is what I eat

Hello, Hello, Hello! How have you been, I hope you are having the best week possible & that you have been feeling all lovely and positive, just like you deserve to be! It’s been two weeks since we last spoke and as per my last post I thought it only fit to continue the fitness series about the food that I have been consuming. Work out wise it has been 4 weeks now since I started my ‘journey’ & I have gone down a dress size which has been so thrilling! As you may have seen on my Instagram I never weigh myself as I personally just end up comparing myself to it the whole time as even when being fit it is very easy to loose & then gain pounds, however these pounds aren’t always fat they can be muscle – therefore I judge myself by how I look in the mirror & what I am wearing, what clothes I fit into. I definitely have noticed my energy levels are on the up with working out & eating healthy – it’s nice not to feel completely knackered at the end of the day. Right now, onto the food! Pictures once you’ve read.

So, my first rule is water (like you’ve never herd that before) it is a cliché but honestly it makes all the difference, the more hydrated I am in the day I certainly notice that I do have a lot more energy & I find it easier to stay awake – this of course helps with working out as you can burn off all that energy you have. Water is also good if you are a snacker like myself, it doesn’t always work but sometimes I will down ½ a pint or so just to fill that hunger in my stomach & lastly it has really helped with my skin, I hardly ever get spots now & I don’t use a special cream or anything I’ve just started drinking more water! Anyway, onto the food – now I want you to understand that I love my food, so if you’re thinking ‘oh she’s talking about it like it is so easy’ I know it is not – I even live opposite a McDonalds, I have to walk past the McDonalds every time I go to the gym! Now if that’s not will power I don’t know what is!

Firstly, I will start with my breakfast – now I used to either not have a breakfast or just have a piece of fruit, however when I started working out I knew this wasn’t the answer – being healthy isn’t about just completely cutting out meals, sometimes it’s just about eating the right foods & especially as I was exercising I needed to eat more than nothing! So, my routine now is that when I get into work I have a dollop or 2 of low fat yogurt, some chopped fruit e.g. strawberries, bananas, blueberries, then with a drizzle of honey & a sprinkle of chopped up nuts. The perfect thing about this is that it is so easy for me to make at work as I can just leave the ingredients in the fridge/draw all week, so I am not having to remember something each morning, it tastes really yummy and it feels me up! I understand it may still be high in sugar from the honey and the fruit but it’s more healthy sugars than bad.

Lunch times – so previously I have just had salads every lunch time plain and simple, when I started making them I would have a dollop of mayonnaise which wasn’t exactly healthy & I have since replaced that with a drizzle of oil, otherwise it is just to dry to eat  – I mostly just have salad leaves, cucumber, tomatoes & spring onion & then I change up what I call the filling for example chicken or tuna, however recently I cooked some prawns in garlic & chilli & then added those to the salad for the next day & it tasted so good! Sometimes a salad is not always filling enough especially if I have worked out that day, so I recently started buying the Heinz Cup A Soups, these are just little powdered sachets which you mix with boiling water & they work out about a mugful of soup. I don’t have the soups all the time, but they are a better alternative to if I get hungry & then end up eating a chocolate bar. Also, today after my friend’s inspiration, I bought in some cous cous, cooked that up & mixed with some chicken, it was lovely! Surprisingly filling and tasted nice! It’s good to know that there are healthier alternatives that taste great too!

Lastly dinner, I wont list all my dinners that I have eaten, but my first recommendation would be get a cook book! My partner and I used to say we are going to run out of things to cook because we were always cooking the same thing (which wasn’t always healthy) or we were having take-aways, but since we have been using our cook books from Christmas these have made all the difference. We have made plenty of meals that have been healthy but taste so good and refreshing and also very easy to make! It’s hard as my partner is bulking & I am slimming down we have to get the balance right with the meals in terms of what’s added and portion sizes as I used to eat the same amount as him! It’s also doing simple things like getting wholemeal ingredients such as pasta, bread, rice etc. although these are limited when I eat them now it’s still a healthier choice to make. We still make some of the meals like we used to but just with changes, for example when making a spaghetti Bolognese we would always buy the sugary readymade sauces & for a healthier change we made one with all fresh ingredients and it was really nice & filling – it felt good knowing we had cooked something so nice from scratch.

Shakes – just one last quick update, when I started working out I originally got a fat buster shake which I have now finished – this certainly didn’t have the best taste, but it mixed ok (if I added some hot water) and did make me feel very energized after having it post workout. I have now bought a Women’s Best shake just to see what the hypes about, however it is hard with shakes because you never really know if it’s them helping you loose weight or your own work, for now I am just going to keep trying different ones & then maybe have a month without to see if I notice a difference or not – I’d be interested to hear your opinions or recommendations on shakes, so feel free to comment.

I will say that the first 4 weeks of this change in what I ate went really well, but I am human and this week it did go slightly down hill when we had a bake sale at work & I ate 3 rocky roads, 1 chocolate brownie, 2 sausage rolls, 1 caramel shortbread & a cupcake, but hey I am not perfect!! I am just trying my best and I am going to keep trying to limit the amount of crap I have previously ate. I have also put my 4 week before & after progress pictures below as proof that being healthy brings results! I hope you have found this useful and any tips let me know because I know it is hard, but I know you can do it.

See you soon x



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