Seriously, can’t we just be nice?

Hello again! You ok? Good me too! I do have a big pile of washing that needs to be dried out right now, but I figured you were more important. I hope you have had a good week & everything is going well in the lead up to the new year! I am glad I have managed to be more consistent with my blogs & I hope you’re enjoying this too & not thinking – ‘my god you type to much’, I just have a lot to talk about hehee. So, I say today won’t be a long one, however we will see. It is something that I think about everyday & even find myself getting kind of down about it! I kind of want to send a message with this post today, so I hope you will enjoy it.

As per my title this is about humanity & how we treat each other (deep I know). Every day I wake up & I go about my day & every day something has happened where another human has done something awful, this to me is simply just from trolling on twitter or a person killing another. Firstly let’s start with the basics ‘trolling’, I completely understand everyone has an opinion & no matter what it is I think it is fair enough to have your own opinion, some people will think you’re wrong & some people will agree, however tweeting or messaging or taunting someone every single day with comments such as ‘you should die’ ‘you’re so ugly my head hurts’ ‘I hope you kill yourself’ – This is where we have to start, I am sorry but this is bloody wrong!! Trolling can take to many victims such a young person who has just started out in school or famous celebrities e.g. Kim K, I don’t really have any opinion on Kim K but I see she gets told this daily & why? Why take the time out in your day to tell someone that kind of stuff, like can someone tell me a valid reason, because I’d be intrigued to know? Before anyone says well it’s Kim she’s done that & done this, no that’s not a reason & it’s not a reason to do it to other people!

Another step up from this is another story I herd recently (please understand I know things like this happen every day but these are just the ones that spring to mind), some people were on a night out in Brighton & by the looks of the video I watched (which his friend filmed to show this kind of thing still happens), a couple of guys started on one of the people in this group & were just shouting at him with abuse, he was very calm & didn’t shout back, then all of a sudden one of the lads had a champagne or prosecco type bottle in his hand & literally launched it at the guys face!! They started to back away & as the friend filming said, ‘Why did you do that’ one of them answered ‘because your Asian’ – like are you fricking kidding me!! Are you actually being serious! I am getting more frustrated typing this as it just makes you realise how ridiculous it all is!!! No matter who you are, where you come from why don’t we change the future for our kids & stop encouraging this kind of animal behaviour, because it is just plain wrong – there is no justification.

Ok, so now we are delving even further – recently there have been a lot of acid attacks in London, these are literally just people going up to other people & throwing acid in their face & then running or driving off…like seriously is that a joke! You are going to be changing someone’s life, physically, mentally scarring them & you have just changed everything they thought they new & what’s your excuse for that because please I would love to know? Another story I saw the other day was of a teenage suicide bomber, going into a mosque in Nigeria & killing at least 50 people. This just breaks my heart it truly does, people were praying, I don’t even have a religion, but I know how important praying is to some people, & to disrupt it so violently breaks my heart. If we don’t start teaching kindness when humans our first born into this world, then how are we ever going to break these horrors that face us every day. When I hear about these acts happening daily, I sometimes thing we don’t deserve this earth, because humans can be horrible. Then I have to look at the room I am in, or where I am & think surely there are more good in the world than bad. By starting with just the trolling on twitter, or the severe bullying in school etc. I hope we can make this world better. Seriously though I know I sound cringe, but why can’t we just be nice, surely that’s easier than hurting each other? We can’t ever see these stories as normal just because their frequent, we have to try & make better choices to be kind to one another. So, as I said just a short thought blog today on just something I have been thinking about. I know it is a bit depressing to read, but it is a reality! & something I feel passionate about.

I am going away this weekend & I just got my new camera – which was very expensive! So I will take lots of lovely pictures to share with you next week. Continue to be nice & kind like I know you are & will catch up shortly!

See you soon


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