My Favourite Cities: Bath

Hello there, how are you? Sat down I hope with a nice glass of wine or an orange squash or simply just a cuppa tea. Let’s get into it. So, after writing about one of my travels a couple of blog posts ago, I really wanted to write another one! I thought what more perfect than to write about some of the cities I have stayed in in the UK. Every year my partner & I usually go & have a weekend away somewhere in the UK, we always like to try somewhere new & always take turns planning it. Usually the occasion is a anniversary or one of our birthdays. So, for this first blog of my City series, I will be writing about Bath. I have been there 3 times in the last 2 years & it is definitely one of my favourite places to visit. **Scroll down & read for pictures**

Bath – Bath is a beautiful city set in the countryside of southwest of England. I’d never been to bath until I met my partner, who took me there for our 2-year anniversary, he only started going due to his friend getting a place at Bath university & it became the new place for their lad’s night out, although it was quite a distance! When I first went to Bath the weather was pretty crap, but that’s what you get for going in February… in England. However, you make the best of a bad situation! I see Bath as split in two, you have your bars & restaurants, & then the big outside shopping centre. They are both about a 10-minute walking distance – 15 if you are in heels, so this is important when it comes to picking a place to stay. When we first went there I was taken to a beautiful quaint 4-star hotel called the Abbey Hotel, it was one of those really nice hotels where not every room was the same. From what I know of what my partner paid it is quite pricy, but our room was lovely & we had the biggest bed, which you clearly need on your anniversary (lol). There was a cute bar by the hallway, nice lighting & a very chilled vibe, however go downstairs & you were in the igloo. The igloo was recently built underneath the hotel & it was an igloo shaped bar (not too cold though), I just got cosmopolitans which were served in a cool, frosty cocktail glass. The second year I went we just stayed in a standard Hilton Hotel, which is slightly cheaper & you get a buffet breakfast (which I bloody loved), this is why I mention Bath being split in two, The Abbey was nearer the shopping centre so we didn’t have far to carry our bags, however at night in heels, when walking to all the bars, in a short dress & freezing my nips off, I would definitely recommend staying nearer the bars which you can do when staying at the Hilton.

The night life – Bath has a great night life because it is a university city, so they must cater to the young students looking for a drunken start to UNI life. What I like about Bath is that there’s a lot more bars with small dance floors, than full on clubs. As per my blog last week, I do get a little bit anxious sometimes especially in drunken crowds I find myself getting really stressed with the pushing & shoving, so I do love a nice bar but where you can dance too. For cocktails the perfect bar is Sub13, you walk down some very steep steps but once you’re in you’re in, they’re pricy but the cocktails are just gorgeous & so well made. They also have a lovely outside seating area, sort of like a rooftop bar with heaters & fairy lights. My partner & I have had a few drunk conversations there but some of the best ones…most likely because of those cocktails. Then we usually head to Revolutions bar. Revolutions is great, if you just want to have a drink & a bit of dancing & that’s it or if you want to get livened up before you head to the club. They play all the best & new songs along with offers on drinks & shots which I must say are very tasty & I don’t do shots!

 Food – There’s lots of wonderful places to eat in Bath, but again I have my favourites. For lunch & dinner if you fancy a different flavour of food a cool place is Opa Meze Bar – which is also just by the Abbey Hotel. It is a Greek restaurant & their food is just melt in your mouth delicious & definitely is worth the price! The best part is the ladies loo which have sparkly floors & glitter toilets…just makes everything a bit more glamourous. The food is lovely & they have a decent range on the menu, my favourite being chicken breast stuffed with spinach & cheese, simply mouth-watering. You can also head out to the back where they have a little bit of a beer garden looking over the canal in bath & it truly is a lovely way to spend the afternoon after a spot of lunch. Another great place to dine is Miller & Cutter a brilliant steak house (non meat eaters skip to next paragraph), it’s a lovely and big restaurant, red carpets & big chandeliers, you definitely feel like you’re somewhere where you going to enjoy your meal. This restaurant also leads up to the bars so it’s a suitable place to stop & have a meal. I would definitely recommend their Mac & Cheese as a side dish, served in a cute, small cooking pot – it’s sumptuous!

Day activities – There’s lots to do in Bath from shopping, to walking around the original Roman Baths & beautiful long walks you can take through the city & walk right to the top where all the gorgeous houses are. I could go into details about these, however I need this paragraph for the spa. Thermae Bath Spa, I haven’t got any pictures but please just google it! It’s £42 on the weekend & that’s for 3 hours (including changing time) you cannot book unless you book a spa appointment, such as a massage. We have never booked this just because it is slightly pricy for us both to do & it’s just as lovely using the spa facilities. I think the longest we have queued is 2 hours but it’s worth it! You walk in get a band, go & change into your swimsuit, you also get given a robe, slippers & towel which you take with you too each floor. We always start in the bottom floor, which is just a nice hot pool with a little jacuzzi like pool in the corner & this is where you simply relax. They also hand our sponge floats, so you can just bob around on the water. You then go to the 2nd floor & it’s filled with amazing Sauna’s & steam rooms, even an Ice room (just don’t rub it on your face because as I learnt you will get spots) there’s two sauna’s to sit in, one fairly hot, but bareable & then another which you feel like you are almost burning (if you’re not used to it) but then it is so refreshing after going into the ice room & rubbing it all over your hot sweaty body (oo sounds like a porno!). Lastly the 3rd floor is a rooftop pool that overlooks all of bath & it’s stunning views. As per my description I would certainly recommend the spa even for the price!

Well there you go, sorry it was long, but I hope you liked my review of one of my favourite Cities in the UK.

Enjoy & See you soon. x

2 thoughts on “My Favourite Cities: Bath

  1. Wish I could go sometime, have been saying for the past 2 years that I want to go but for some reason we never do it.


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