The Seasons I Love & Other Stuff

Hello again, how are you? How has your weeks been since you were last caught reading my words? I hope everything is good with you, I had a little time away recently in Spain where instead of coming back with gifts, I carried with me 16 mosquito bites which still don’t want to leave my body! It’s kind of funny how I look back at the blogs I have written previously & think hmm has much changed, I am still struggling with managing my time, still not making it to the gym & still getting horrible periods! But hey ho you can’t have it all.

I live in the United Kingdom & as you can guess by the title, this is about my favourite Seasons (when in reality I’m sure you couldn’t give a flying fuck) & other stuff, look I know you probably don’t want to carry on reading, but you never know I might actually come out with something that enlightens or surprises you. I love looking forward to the Seasons & I don’t think I could choose one in particular, because they are all the same in that they have positives and negatives, just like us (Ooh you liked that one).

So, let’s start from the beginning in which for me is Spring, in the UK this comes around April/May time for us & I love the transition from spring in to summer, where it just starts to get warmer, It’s usually when I book a holiday & it just gets me excited for all the stuff I tell myself I am going to do in the summer. Although it is still very confusing as to what clothes to where (I know first world problems right here), those days where it looks warm so you go out in a mini dress or some shorts & then there is such a breeze downstairs & everyone is staring thinking ‘is this girl serious’. It’s also a time where the motivation for the gym seems to kick in & the thoughts of the ‘summer bod’ & people on Instagram start posting their unreal bikini shots, so you think I better start getting my shit together! Lastly my one pet hate about spring is the ‘May Bug’, I had never seen one of these creatures until a couple of years ago after my mum talked about one landing on her back & suddenly they were everywhere, they’re like big flying beetles here in the UK & they just come out of nowhere, but at least they’re enjoying the weather.

Summer, the Season of my birthday so of course it’s a favourite. Summer is just such a happy season because barely anyone’s moaning about the rain…instead they’re moaning about the heat. It’s the time where you can go out in those shorts or mini dresses & not freeze your tits off! It’s the time for party holidays like, Zante, Malia, Ayia Napa etc., it’s the time of organising pub garden drinks & BBQ’s, oh the meat! (sorry vegans). The urge to go to the Gym hits extreme heights, when you realised you did bugger all in spring & your shit is so far from together! Oh and the longer days, the day drinking that comes with that is just lush! Ooh & the Pimms, which here in the UK is our summer drink; Gin, Lemonade & lots of fruit (I am still drinking it now in October) & then when you go abroad the lovely sweet Sangria. The negative would again be the bugs, Wasps & Daddy Longlegs, I love the Bees though, couldn’t get annoyed at the Bees.

Autumnal (good word) – Autumn that’s around September/October here, a season that we are currently in. For me it has come around so quickly & I can’t believe we are reaching the end of another year once again. Autumn has the exact same effect of Spring, in that it gets me all excited & prepared for winter. Again, it is the same thing of not really knowing yet which clothes I can get away with wearing, the motivation for the gym starts to drop & the motivation for chocolate & Sunday roasts heightens. It sounds cringe but, I do love seeing all the colourful leaves on the floor when going about my day, it just makes me want to rush home & get all snuggly. And then the pet hate is the house spiders, I know nothing compared to Australia’s however they’re still bloody big & crawl everywhere. (All insects are disposed of outside in a glass).

Lastly (Don’t worry you are almost there) Winter! Winter is again like Summer, opposites, but very similar & there is Christmas! It’s the time of pub drinking in the evening, getting all cosy by the fire with a nice pint of Ale or whatever you’d prefer. It’s getting in from work & making a nice hot bath, with bubbles & candles. Then putting on comfies, lounging on the sofa & of course making the one & only hot chocolate, with marshmallows & whipped cream! It’s yet again where the Gym just completely goes out of the window & becomes a lost memory. It’s where you buy a whole wardrobe because nothing from the summer fits anymore & you’re too lazy to go out into the cold & work out. Christmas films, it is the month of everything Christmas & family time spent watching Elf. The negatives (no bugs this time) is mulled wine because I don’t know how anyone could drink red wine, especially hot & instead of everyone moaning about the heat, the moan about the rain, the dark evenings & the cold.

Wow, that was long wasn’t it! I hope you liked it, look after yourself & others, speak soon!

P.S No insects were harmed in the writing of this blog.


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