Is it money or is it me?

Yes, hello again, I know it’s been a while & yet again I am sat here writing at a ridiculous time in the evening, getting ready to upload this blog & go to bed. On a positive I have come home every day from work with the intention to write about what’s going on as per, but just haven’t got around it to it as there’s so many other disturbing distractions. As I write this I have got the biggest smile on my face, It sounds sad but, if you ever need an outlet and as we have discussed before if the gym is not one of them, you should really consider writing, I can already feel myself just chilling out & letting go of all my stressful thoughts!

So, my topic this evening is money & career, this is something that has played on my mind since I got a full-time job almost 2 years ago. I question the fact of money so much & why we spend all our lives working our butts off to achieve something we only seem to enjoy in the last 30 years or so of our life time. It’s not that I am lazy & don’t want a career, it’s just that point again of time, we’re spending so much time working that our lives seem to be going straight in front of us (depressing thought I know). Personally, the only reason I want lots of money is so I can enjoy life! I know there will be people reading this saying ‘you can enjoy life without money’ I am sorry but no you can’t, I wish we could but, you need money so that you can do the things you want to do i.e. travelling. However, I will agree that money is not everything & there are other factors or people that make life enjoyable, but wouldn’t it be so much better if you could enjoy life with those people without having to worry about your overdraft!

I feel in this day & age, due to social media & the rise in reality TV shows it’s become easier to make money. This is where I get frustrated, because so many people will become successful from doing naff all really, from being really liked on a TV show, to making a sex tape, to the shape of a person’s body & when the rest of us are working every day all day or night, to make good money, you can’t help but get jealous of these geniuses. I wish I had the balls to make a successful sex tape, but it isn’t going to happen (sorry for the disappointment). I will say I think these people are very clever & good business people that should be admired really, yes, they didn’t intend to get where they are from doing what they did, but they’ve done it, they have successful empires or businesses & they have that freedom to enjoy life.

My dream is to travel/work, as much as the wish is to only travel I am willing to compromise on travelling & working as I think this can put you in an advantageous position in life because you are doing both. It also depends on the job as well, don’t ever think you’re not good enough to make it where you want to go, because I have seen other people struggle & I am almost at that brick wall myself, just hoping I can break through it. No, money is not everything but it is important, & I do believe it is a good thing to work hard whilst building yourself a career, therefore you won’t have to be dependent on other people & still asking your parents for a spare tenner. However, from what my friend told me when I started my first ever job, ‘We work to live, not live to work’.

This has been short, but sweet & something I wanted to get off my chest. I hope some of you can relate to my point, but we will all make it to where we want to be one day & right now that’s good enough for me even if I am not overly happy about it. Also, you never know what will happen, so don’t turn down a good opportunity because they cannot be wasted & you might surprise yourself to see where you are at the end of it! I would like to say you will get a post next week, but we will just have to wait & see. Thank you for taking the time to read this & enjoy the rest of your week.

E x

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