‘Yes Gym tonight’: 6PM ‘I’ll go tomorrow’

Hello again, I am sorry it has been a while, not that I am sure anyone notice, but life has got very hectic this last month (I know full of excuses). I am still planning my Ayia Napa post; however I just want it to be perfect for you all. I know not much of my posts come across as high quality but they’re true & that’s the best I can do for now I’m afraid. Just whilst I am rambling on, a thank you to anyone that has been following my posts as I really appreciate it.

Anyway, on to this evenings topic, the gym. I have a very odd relationship with The Gym, most people say this about food, but for me it is the exercise. Do not get me wrong I first started going to the Gym back before my double hip replacement in 2014 (for anyone who has seen some insta posts related to this), it wasn’t really a choice & it wasn’t due to weight, I had to get my muscles as strong as I could before the op so that I would have a quicker recovery & wouldn’t feel as week. I dedicated a lot of my time there & I really loved it, I always used to get those buzzes after I went & kind of felt like I had achieved something… so where did it all go wrong?

Well I got into a lovely relationship, went to college & then got a full time Job. For me getting into a relationship was a push to work out & stay fit, healthy & attractive really, but now it is almost 4 years down the line & I have for sure got too comfortable. College was the first thing in my life that started to take up time & after my op I could have a social life, so The Gym started to take a back sit, but I still managed it. A full time job, this is where The Gym got neglected. I know I know I can’t use that as an excuse when there’s other people out there who do the same or Tammy Hembrow who has two kids & still has a kick ass body! I am always a half tryer in the morning I am ready to go, I can’t wait to work out & then I have a very long day in the office & the energy just isn’t there, I just don’t know how to get out of it.

Also I don’t know if anyone else has this…I’ll wake up in the morning (naked) look in the mirror & think hey my body looks pretty dam good all things considering & then I get home from work & I look like a fat pig! My stomach just looks completely different to how it did in the morning, it’s so irritating! I have also started a new job so it is hard to micro manage everything & sometimes you have just got to push yourself to do these things & I want to start somewhere & see the results because I know it will be worth it, but at the same time if anyone else thinks this too, we must give ourselves credit that we’re not being lazy, we’re working hard & it is okay to be tired & warn out when you get in from work. Unfortunately, however it’s only a matter of time before these excuses can affect your health as well.

For anyone else that has ever felt a bit like this, my biggest recommendation would be go with someone, the amount of motivation you can receive off one another is great. When I first went to the Gym I started with my close friend Charlie, we both wanted to gain different things from the Gym but we would always pick each other up when we wanted to give up & always keep each other going. If you are like me & there is no one to go with you now, perhaps think about a personal trainer for 5-10 sessions, yes it costs money but once I am paid it’s something I am going to invest in, because once I make a promise to someone (& pay for it) I won’t let them or myself down. Also, if you are lucky to live somewhere with good walks & bike rides, I would recommend this. Especially when working in an office, it’s nice to come home & be outside whilst exercising, this is something I try & do once a week when I visit my parents’ house & it’s also a great time to have a catch up with mum!

So, there it is my little rant/frustrating/gym/situation/that I know I need to change! I think now posting this my goal will be in 6 months to have a more positive outcome to share with you & to hopefully motivate others. At the end of the day being healthy & feeling good is what matters.

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