Where did it go?

Hello again… yes, I know I know it has been a while since we last spoke! I keep having these great ideas for my blogs and what I would like to write about, but then something always pops up which I think would mean more to you if I wrote about the unexpected. I recently went away to Cyprus to the party town Ayia Napa which was absolutely amazing and I will be sure to write a blog about that, even if it is by Christmas. Anyway, onto tonight’s blog which is all about time and where does it go?

I never really noticed time a few years ago when I was slightly younger, however since coming out of college and working full time it is something I have seen fly by even when I have not been looking. When your younger as in early teens, all you want is time to go quickly so you can be an ‘adult’ and you can earn money, go out, drink and I suppose for me be more attractive. I feel this is something a lot of us can relate to and then also the fact when you’re an ‘adult’ all you want to be is a kid again, you can’t win! I do think time did go slowly when I was in school especially because of some bad experiences that just seemed to drag! Now I am older more opportunities have arisen and have given me better and more fun experiences that just seemed to go so quickly which seemed to sadden me.

It was strange, when I started full time work you know 9 till 5 I thought time would really grind and I would be counting down the days, but it just went so quickly, I mean I still had times where I would stare at the clock but, it made the past year go ridiculously fast! As previously mentioned Ayia Napa was my first holiday since I have been in full time work and it may have only been for a week, nevertheless I was still shocked how quickly it was over. Getting into full time work has been a tricky one for myself, I love the fact I am independent, earning my own money and building a career for myself, however I feel time goes so quickly and feel that I am running out of time to do all the adventures that I would like, especially when we only get given a certain amount of days annually to take off.

I mean if you couldn’t tell already…I worry about time, so recently I have been trying to come up with ways in which not to stress about it, as it really gets me to a space of anxiety which is not an enjoyable place to be in or think about. Firstly, I will start with this blog post, writing about this and sharing how I feel is very therapeutic and I feel like that there is less of a build-up in my head about time now that I have written about it. I know not everyone is like this but organisation is a big one for me, I’ve started to plan my week so I know when not to waste time and when to give myself time, it’s always good to just sit down and plan things out because then you know what you’re doing and where you’re going. Taking time out of TV is my next tip, I was so used to watching so many TV shows because of being in college and having that part free time to catch up on all the TV, however I just can’t do that now not unless I didn’t want to see anyone ever! So yes, I have decided to step away from a couple of TV programs so I am not finding myself conflicted about missing an episode.

Well there you have it all my view on time, it is so important that we make every moment count and don’t feel bad if you are like myself and are in an office most days because your using that time to build yourself a bigger and better future where you’ll be able to give yourself time and have the money to do exciting things with it. Like I said before if you are like myself and find yourself worrying about these things think of ways you can make it better and easier on you and like I have done I find myself less anxious and happier.

I am not sure when but I look forward to my next post, enjoy!

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