Period there I said it period! Boys if you don’t want to know don’t carry on reading. Hello people, so I had something different planned for this blog as I recently turned 20 and felt I should share what I have learnt in 20 years and one thing I haven’t forgotten is PERIODS ARE SO ANNOYING! I will be leaving the blog of 20 years for next week as my period has taken over and distracted my creative thoughts. I said to myself when I started this blog that I didn’t want to force myself to commit and I wanted to keep it real, so here I am and yes, this blog post is about the womanly cycle and what a pain in the arse it is.


I certainly appreciate the human cycles and the bodily functions we have but why this, why must we just bleed away into moody mares. Firstly, the main point of annoyance is that only us women have them, I could learn to get along with it if everyone had one but it’s just us women and frustratingly men don’t seem to understand. I am particularly jealous of the rare women that enjoy a light and painless period and feel this is where men take the idea that it is just a smooth ride for all us women, well let me tell you something it is not easy! I have male friends who won’t understand why when I come on I must stay in bed all day or cancel plans because it is just too painful to get up and ready, and when they think your overreacting you just wish you could put them in your shoes. But you can’t so your stuck.


Secondly the cramps, why are they so painful? Why does it feel like someone’s squeezing your uterus and squishing it too pieces, making you keel over in pain? Sometimes there so bad that a hot water bottle or a measly paracetamol won’t even do the job. Oh, wait what am I moaning about it’s still probably a minute amount of pain to a man getting ‘kicked in the balls’! Thirdly and I won’t go in to too much depth but they’re bloody heavy…literally and they make me go to the toilet all the time, what’s with that! This is less of an annoyance more of a factor but me personally I do get that real craving for chocolate and sweet things, I don’t know if it is something I need but, it’s so associated with being on your period I just have to have some chocolate, most times every day that I am on for! This is when I shouldn’t always blame the bloating on the period.


So, I am going to leave it there, trust me when I say I could write a 1000 word essay on why I dislike my period however I don’t think that would be a very good idea for you readers. I hope you aren’t disappointed with this post but as I said this is a site where I want to share what’s on my mind and talk about all things relatable. I look forward to next week’s more light-hearted post and hope you will look forward to that. In the words of Cinderella 2017 film I watched on my 20th birthday ‘Have courage and be kind’ and in my own words get some chocolate, get your water bottle and put on love island!

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