I’ll be there for you and you be there for me

Hello once again!

I trust you have read into my title and are maybe enquiring as to what subject I have chosen today with regards to the above statement. Well todays topic is friendship and what exactly friendship means and friendship does. I have always been one to struggle with keeping friends close and keeping hold of those ties… maybe I just don’t have a firm enough grip! I would like to think it would be easier to use that excuse, however I wouldn’t be posting this if that were the case.


Friendship means so much to so many people and it is not just humans we find friendship in, take your classic fluffy or not fluffy animal with a wagging tail and you will find yourself hand and paw with a dog, who I hear are the most loyalist of friends. Although I have never had a dog (my day will come!) I have had friends and why they may have come and gone I have been graced with great and unfortunate experiences with each of them. I use the term unfortunate as it was not always them that were the problem some of the time it could be myself and the constant question of am I really a good friend? They say being loyal like a dog will get you lots of friends but I have found this not to be true as being loyal has sometimes been my problem.

Honesty, is honesty really the best policy? Sadly, for myself I have a habit of not thinking before I speak or type nowadays and I find myself being to honest. Friendship to me is about honesty and I am far gone from the days on the playground talking behind your best friends back… why wasn’t I ever just truthful, sure I may have lost a friend or got a slap but at least I could say I was honest. Now I am left with a few lovely friends but the ones I do have are truly my nearest and dearest, because they accept me for me and I for them. Knowing I can go to these friends and tell them if I am having underlying conflicts with them or them with me is the greatest feeling because it makes it easier to move on and can even bring you closer.

Another important idea I have learnt about friendship and with relation to the above title is that we are not all the same, sometimes your friends can’t always be there for you because of certain circumstances and you cannot draw matters from the past and use this against them, because at the end of the day a friend is what a friend does. I am also a firm believer of not putting a length of time on a friendship because I for one have had the experience of a friendship of a lifetime coming to an end, but I am a lot happier now than I thought I would be, therefore that end was my beginning. I think we could all do with a little more self-belief and know that we do not need to rely on others to bring us up because we have that inner strength in ourselves.

Please do understand that the friends I do have I love dearly and I know we can always be there for each other when times are difficult, just we each show it in diverse ways and that is ok because we are all different people just trying to make sense of each other and life in general. Don’t get it twisted though, I couldn’t think of anything better than a night out on the town or cosying up with chocolate and popcorn and watching bridesmaids with those friends, who I know will always hold my hair back when I’m vomiting into the abyss.

There you have it a little opening into an idea of friendship.friendship

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