Hello again. I have just got in from work, grabbed my laptop and came straight to my blog. I had planned to upload something fun and light hearted today but, with the tragedy last night bought this is something I felt I needed to write about. Never did I think I would be writing about something so devastating so soon after starting my blog, but I can only hope you will read this and it may bring you some comfort that you are not alone and there is always someone out there to support you.

The harrowing events of last night’s Ariana concert have been in my mind all day whilst working, I cannot begin to imagine the impact it has had on all those involved, as I was not nor new anyone involved but it has struck my emotions today. I pretty much listened to radio 1 all day as they dedicated their show to the people of Manchester and were respectful of that, music is such a powerful thing and today it really helped me. I cannot and do not wish to ever understand why this evil makes itself present in our lives, because it is evil. I went and visited Manchester just over a month ago and it really was one of the best places I have been to and somewhere I will definitely go back to visit, there really is a sense of community there and everyone just in a way seemed there for each other and that has been proven today.

I think the reason that last night’s events struck a core in me was the situation, an Ariana Grande concert full of young people, families there to celebrate and have fun and I am sure for a lot of people see their absolute idol. Concerts, gigs, festivals they are places to feel unified with people all over and be united just listening and enjoying the music and evil tried to destroy that last night. I hate them for what they have done and I only hope we don’t let this deter us from going to concerts and festivals, because they are such a place of joy! I am going to a gig myself in a few weeks and I loathe the fact I now feel I should question my safety, but I am more determined than ever to go there and have the time of my life because that’s what they are about.

Seeing all the stories of everyone who has been helping the Manchester community brings me comfort in that it is only a small minority in this world who act that kind of evil and out there is so much love and support it is unreal. Of course, my only wish is that nothing like this will ever happen again but unfortunately it disheartens me to know that wish may not be realistic. For now, I send all my love and prayers to everyone all over the world who have been affected by this in some way and Manchester you are a truly wonderful city.

See you next Tuesday.x

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