Why can’t we make up our minds?

Hello there,

If you found yourself amused by this title please understand that I am not advising this to be everyone but myself and others I have found we just can’t make up our minds. Relationships… oh relationships really do test my sense of ability when making up my mind, from that more obvious situation of ‘what shall we have for dinner’ to ‘what film do you want to watch’, why these may seem like easy decisions to some they are only just the start. This post is specifically to do with relationships as personally this is a struggle I am dealing with in my life in trying to work out what’s best and what’s not only right for me but other people to.



Love, falling in love is as wonderful as people describe it to be, but also a whirlwind of emotions, that I think we are not always prepared for especially from your typical misleading romance films, I mean are you really telling me there was not enough room on that door for Jack to climb onto! Poor Leonardo. I think the most important thing I have learnt about love is that there is no doubt in my mind that you cannot be ‘too young to love’ I think we all have that emotion in us and it can be bought out any age to any person, whether that be friends or family. I also realise now that people fall in love at various times and it’s not all conjoined and as simple as we would like it to be… where would be the fun in that aye. From my own experience people like to put a guard up as it really does make them feel safe and they try to bury those feelings of love because they believe it is weakness, but doesn’t it make sense to come to terms with our feelings and be strong-minded? I have found that people who have this guard of comfort have usually been hurt in the past and because of this they can pass that hurt on without even meaning to and then you just have one crazy circle of people hurting one another.

The reason I have chosen the above title and the subject of love is because love has made me cross many bridges in these last few years and I really have found myself in the predicament to either go with my head or my heart. I am the typical ‘I’ll push you away but I want you here’ or the ‘I am fine, actually I’m not fine’ and love just pushes you to a place of confusion where you are not always sure which way is best to go. I am learning to be more head on with my decisions for the better of my relationship but it is only very recently that I have had this realisation to be stronger minded in my relationship. It is okay to be confused and not know what is best but it is also about having that self-belief of that you are your own person and you can figure this out.




It is important in these situations to know that you are not on your own and even if you’re having confliction’s about your actual relationship there is nothing wrong with going to your partner and trying to talk it out and get there understanding on the matter, after all someone who truly loves you should always accept the choices you are trying to make. I think that people give up to easily now days and they don’t bother trying to stick with it and make it work because after all most times it is probably easier to walk away, but when you really love that person wouldn’t you do everything in reason to make it work? It is tough but people just need to believe in each other and see what they can achieve together because that is what can bring you closer.

There you have it, I am defiantly no expert in love or am claiming to be, but as said before I am just coming to the realisation of that I do make my own decisions and I am my own person even when it comes to love. I also hope this hasn’t tainted anyone’s view of love but I am merely pointing out the realistic turmoil’s that falling in love can bring. I hope we can all work with each other love and support one other so that next time you’re not sure what film to choose you can always compromise on that decision together.